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Latest Topic: The importance of disclosing all medications to your veterinarian

Most doctors ask if there have been changes or additions to medications that the owner may be giving to their pet. Most owners may not realize that "natural" or "herbal" supplements fall into this category. Some may even be reluctant to admit that they are giving their pet one or more of these products. What owners don't know is that these "all-natural" products, which seem safe, can have serious side effects when combined with some medications. For example, St. John's Wort is advertised for use in dogs with anxiety, phobias, and depression. This particular herb increases the elimination of certain drugs such as those used for anesthetic procedures. Potentially, this could lead to a very poor level of sedation and anesthesia. Other herbs may increase bleeding during surgery. The lack of regulatory oversight and product standardization increases the risk of adverse drug/herb interactions. It is important to let the veterinarian know what is being given at home in order to safely meet the needs of your pets.  (Veterinary Practice News, Sept. 2014)

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